Electronic Madness

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SamWise Ignorant

when your Musial taste Demands More!


Samwise Ignorant is a Bass producer, active in Nelson B.C. His music is a blend of sci-fi, heavy metal, robots,old techno, and dub beats. He grew his chops playing bass for infamous Black Banana Records hardcore outfit “Wantmonster” and the doom laden stoner rock band “Ravenhead.”

Party Botz

The Party Botz are a Production collaborative from Queens Ny. their music is Sample based with Hard hitting Beats and catchy hooks for the streets. “Monos Latinos” was their first venture into the dance genre. They have produced tracks on the “Electronic Madness Ep” for Lorenzo Vasquez as well as “Psycho Beach Party” to name a few. their goal is to cover the full spectrum of music while staying true to their roots. Check out our Online Store for more Party Bot Music.


Freek Macheen

The Freak Macheen / Michael Wiesenfarth was born in Mutlangen, Germany. His passion for Hip Hop, Electro Breaks started in the mid 80’s as a break-dancer, Emcee, and D.j and are still his passions practices to this date. With musical influence of the likes of Egyptian Lover, Professor X, Newcleus, Kraftwerk, Man Parrish and Afrika Bambaataa he became well grounded and fluent in the history and workings of Electronic music.

In the year 2000 Freek started D. Jaying in a little club in the Heart of Stuttgart, Germany, Shortly after He started Producing his own unique style of music. The foundation of which is based on deep tr808 kicks, Neck Snapping snares, Synthesizers Melodies and badass Vocoders. He’s truly created a “weird machine” that works overtime to get the Masses instep.

In 2009 He released his first LP, “Frozen Blood” on the Canadian Label “Intelligenix”, soon in 2010 Freek released three more EP’s on the German label “Battery Park”, His most important release on “Battery Park” was “return of the funk”. “Return of the Funk” was highly stylalized departure from the norm of dance music and gained Regional success helping “Freek Macheen” build on an already stellar reputation for producing relevant Dance Music. In November 2010, Eisblock Records was born, a download Record label where he has released 13 EP’s and Albums to date. 2011 The Freek Macheen Started Working with Rah Rah Records on his newest release “Ice Cold Bass” tentatively to be released this year.